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Discover Bridges Part 2

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

There are very rare bamboo bridges in this day and age. However, they are mostly found in the Ri War areas such as Nongtalang, and areas around Khadarshnong and Noron. Other areas where the bridge is constructed during winter are from Nongbareh in the War Jaiñtia areas to Mawshun of the Hima Khyrim.

Ka Jingkiengdieng/ A Trunk Bridge

In actuality, this is not a full-fledged bridge as its basic material is a huge trunk of wood, supported at the ends with other pieces of wood so that it does not roll over when walked upon. In the olden days this can be found in a particular waterfall whereby it got its name as Ka Kshaid Umdiengpun. However, the English have renamed it as Elephant Falls. There is an interesting story behind this renaming of the fall.

Ka Lywu-Chrai/ Living Root bridge

These are the dialects of the War Jaiñtia in the Nongbareh Nongtalang areas. Basically "Lywu" means bridge and "Chrai" means "diengjri" or rubber plant. Such bridges are constructed by the community and it takes over 20 years to make it a fully grown bridge. It is called a living root bridge and remains for over a hundred years if it is taken care of by the community.

The English called it 'Bio-engineering.' Such bridges can be found in areas like near the river Umshiang in Nongriat (Double Decker bridge), in the Ri War or War areas such as Nongwet, in Khadarshnong, in the river Wah Rew, in Amalyne and Amsohkhri which are in Nongtalang areas.

Ka Jingkieng Doi Doi/ Suspended Bridge

This bridge is built with suspenders on both sides and it rocks as one walks upon it. Such a bridge is found in Wah Umkjen on the way from Mawshabuit to Sohryngkham. This bridge was constructed during the British rule in the month of June 1927. Another bridge can be found in Ryngksaw near Maw-U tieng, Sohryngkham.

Here is Part 2 of "Discover Bridges" sent by @carey_lynz 😄🙏 Khublei Shibun for sending this entry! 💚💚 Photo Source: Living Root Bridge: -bridges-in-meghalaya/202009051 53114 Suspension Bridge: /2019010948/
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