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Discover Bridges: Footprints Left by Our Forefathers Part I

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

U Khasi and Bridges

The Mei Mariang posed multiple challenges to U Khasi. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, U Khasi used his understanding of nature to tame nature for his use without destroying it. Therefore, the story of building bridges over the many rivers and rivulets is one to be told. Bridges go by different names depending on the place that they're built in. In the War-Jaintia areas, a bridge goes by the name "ka lywu." While in Pnar it is called "ka yingkieiñ." Interestingly, it's also known as "ka pyrnon" in the Maharam and Nongspung areas. The Bhoi Mawdem areas call it "ka dongki."

U Mawpun

Mawpun or mopun as the Pars call it, is a bridge that connects both sides of the river. The stone used to make this bridge depends on the place. In Umtisong, Nartiang, they use granite or mawnar as it is the hardest material found in that area. The same can be found in Thadlaskein. These bridges dot many areas in the hills like Wahlyngkhat (Langkyrdem area), Sohra, Umroi, Weilyngkut and even in Golf links.

Ka Jingkieng Khilon

Beautifully engineered, this kind of bridge can be found in the David Scott Trail, Wahumiong, Umrakam, Wahkhilon, Sohra and Them Kubin. U Mawshabi is the stone that holds the arch in the middle of the bridge or jingkieng khilon.

Ka Jingkieng Mawlyngknep

This bridge is so called because it is made of mawshutwait or mawnar. These slabs of stones are placed on three or four stone pillars. The famous bridge made of such stone is in Umïaknieh near Amlarem. Similar bridges are also found in Thlumuwi and Syndai.

"Discover Bridges: Footprints Left by Our Forefathers Part I" by @carey_lynz
In a land with a myriad rivers, there are also a myriad bridges. These bridges have been built since time immemorial and showcase the knowledge and engineering skill of our ancestors. 😃😃 Thank you @carey_lynz for another significant entry! 🙏🙏

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