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U Bahtympha

U Bahtympha u dei u rishot pyngkiang uba la shna ban par sawdong ïa ka ïing bad ki ju pyndait ïa u ha syndah jong ka sad. U Bahtympha u dei uba kyrshan bad pynskhem ïa ki dingshyllangmat/ khanshi jong ka ïing.

Nangta u khanglad ruh ba kan lait ka sad na ka lyer kaba jur bad u kyrshan ïa ka kynroh da kaba shim ïa ka jingkhia jong ka sad.

Ka ktien "U Bahtympha" ka thew ïa u briew uba lah ban wallam ïa ka jingïasngewthuh jingmut hapdeng uwei bad uwei pat; u long u nongïalam uba lah ban shaniah.

U Bahtympha or the wall-plate (lintel) is a flat and a physically load-bearing horizontal beam used in wooden building framing arrangement. It is the timber piece kept over the mortar on the top in the wall portion near the roof structure.

The wall-plate supports and holds the rafters. The wall plate prevents against uplifting of the roof, caused by the wind which can blow under the roof. It also supports the wall by taking all the weight from the roof.

The word "Bahtympha" also symbolically refers to an individual who has the wisdom to bring about understanding and harmony between people and this individual is also deemed to be a trustworthy leader.

The Khasi word "U Bahtympha" symbolically refers to someone who is reliable and trustworthy, an individual who has the capability of being a leader. ✨✨✨
🟡 Source: Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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