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When English words appear in Khasi sentences

When English words appear in Khasi sentences, some don't make sense but we understand the

meaning they carry. Here are a few examples:

"Her (hair) u shniuh ba win (wind) ka lyer!"

"Man la u briew (man) u bret (bread) ruti harud (road) surok."

"Lah shiteng half time."

"Kotkudi dei kait (kite), kait dei banana."

"Kit (kid) khun blang (goat)"

"Ring video", "ring um", "ring cable", "me lah i ring bha", "khie ring."

"U thep goal ha goal la jong."

"Back shadien ka kali."

"Ka khlaw jong ka forest." (forest department)

The merging of languages is bound to happen and creates funny and interesting expression! 😂😂😂
Thank you @_catherinemelam @esra_syiem @shillongftw @jeanrichardmawa @a_pocketful_of_plums @courageaity @longnamkharpuri @wthongnj for your contributions! 😆😆😆

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