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U 'Wai Sohlaper Pep Ïew

U 'Wai Sohlaper Pep Ïew

U 'wai sohlaper u dei u sohkwai khlaw uba rit khria-khria bad ïa une u kwai kim ju leit die ha ïew.

Ka jingong "u 'wai sohlaper pep ïew" ka thew ïa ki briew kiba ïai buh teng ïa ka kam haduh ban da dier ka por bad ban da pep artat.

"U 'wai sohlaper" is a small variety of betel nut eaten for its good taste, but it is not sold in the market.

The phrase "u 'wai sohlaper pep ïew" refers to a person who procrastinates, leaving work incomplete until it is too late and ultimately abandoning it.

The Khasi phrase "U 'Wai Sohlaper Pep Ïew" reminds one of Hamlet and his long-drawn procrastination 😄😅 This phrase is quite apt in the sense that 'wai laper is not sold in the market, so going to market is left for another day 😅 Photo credit: @nongkyndong_lens Khublei Shibun! 😄🙏 Lah ïoh pyndonkam biang ïa ka dur jong phi. 🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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