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Tynneng bad Tynneng Shrieh

Ka ktien Khasi "tynneng" (verb) ka mut ban pyrthuh bud ne ban pynbud ïa kaei kaei. Kane ka jingpyrthuh bud ka lah ban dei ha ka rukom im, ka rukom leh ne ha ka rukom kren.

Shuh shuh, ka ktien Khasi "tynnengshrieh" (verb) ka mut ban shu pynbud ne pyrthuh bud matlah khlem tip ïa ka dang ka kut ne kumno kan ktah ïa ka jingim ne ïa ka jingmut jingpyrkhat. Kum haba ong "Ki khynnah ki bud tynnengshrieh ïa kaba ki ïohi ha ki phlim."

The Khasi word "tynneng" (verb) means to imitate (or copy) from others. This imitation may be the imitation of a lifestyle, a way of behaving or a way of speaking.

Further, the Khasi word "tynnengshrieh" (verb) literally meaning an imitating monkey, means to imitate blindly without understanding the depth, the effect or the consequences of something. For instance, "Children blindly imitate what they see in films and television."

Ïa ka ktien "tynneng" te ngi lah ïohsngew hi tangba ïa ka ktien "tynnengshrieh" te tharai bun ngim da tip 😂🐵 Ynnai ïa leh shrieh mo 😅😂
The Khasi word "tynnengshrieh" might remind you of the English word "monkey business" but their meanings are quite different. 🙊🙉🙈
🟡Khasi collation and English translation by @speakyourroots

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