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U Men Lyngkhung

Ha ri Khasi, hyndai ki ong,

u don u men lyngkhung;

kat shaba leit u kieng iarong,

ka khoh u kit kyndung.

U don ki tmaiñ ba jrong shipruh,

ka khlieh kaba syllen.

U kyllan khleiñ ba kan mih shñiuh,

u tah d'u sohmynken.

La sat syllang um lah shah shuh

teng teng u shad kulmar.

Ani! Ynnai… ka kwah mih shñiuh,

pleng dei kaba jynjar!

Rough translation:

"There once was Men Lyngkhung,

in Khasi times of old.

Wherever he went he carried his iarong

and a huge khoh on his back.

His beard and moustache were a feet long

and his head was bald.

He applied fat on his head hoping it would revive some hair.

He even used chilli!

Oh the heat on his head, he couldn't bear it!

He danced in a frenzy...

My goodness! Oh no! This wanting hair

is much too difficult!"

"U Men Lyngkhung" 😃😃😃 Remember those days when we were kids, how we would sing this? Another song that we should teach our kids!

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