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Different colours in Khasi Part II

Rong umshit ja - Dusty pink (literally the colour of water from boiled red rice)

Rong lir - Indigo

Rong ding - Flame red

Rong pukir - Saffron

Rong muka- Muga silk yellow/ gold

Rong eit masi - Cow dung green/ Olive green

Rong khangai pylleng- Egg yolk yellow/ Egg yolk orange

Rong shynrai- Turmeric orange

Here is another set of "rong" colours in Khasi 💜🤎💚💛🤍🧡❤️ Most of them are described using food ingredients.
The ladies will be familiar with these with the different colours in their "nara" and "dhara" 😃😃

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