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"U Kohtympan" (Khasi) and "U Mylumtympan" (Pnar)

The meaning of "U Kohtympan" (Khasi) and "U Mylumtympan" (Pnar) is not easy to find as the word is not listed in the popular dictionaries that are available. What has been understood is that the word in the literal sense refers to someone who hides in the "tympan ïing" or the rafters of a house. This meaning is usually used from time to time to scare disobedient children by saying that Kohtympan or Mylumtympan will carry them away to a distant place if they continue to be disobedient and stubborn.

Deriving from this, the Khasi phrase "pyntieng kohtympan" means making someone afraid or fearful based on something unfounded with no factual truth, thereby creating panic. Further, "kohtympan" (which has been used in songs too) in particular, is elaborated to mean something hidden, unseen and unknown, thus leading to the fear of the unknown. The word perhaps is also used in the sense of challenges, difficulties or problems faced by someone.

"U Kohtympan" (Khasi) and "U Mylumtympan" (Pnar) is taken to mean something hidden and unseen leading to unfounded fear. Thank you @indariwarjri @laloorisa @a_pocketful_of_plums and @vancouvershullai for helping us understand the meaning of these words! 😃🤓

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