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Ka ktien "Phylla-soi" ka dei ka adverb kaba thew ia kaei kaei ka bym ju kham jia kynrei, kum ka jingjia kaba kyrpang kaba pynwan ia ka jinglyngngoh.

Kum haba ong: "Phi wan phylla-soi aiu ka tang kane mynta shisien!"

Ka ktien "phylla" ka mut kaei kaei kaba khyllah, ka bym lah ngeit, kaba pher ne kaba lyngngoh. Ka ktien "soi" ka mut kaei kaei kaba neh slem, kaba shan slem ne kaba shah bha. Namarkata, ngi lah ban ong ba ka "phylla-soi" ka dei ka jingsngewlyngngoh kaba neh slem.

The Khasi adverb "phylla-soi" refers to something which does not happen often, like a rare and uncommon event, causing surprise.

For instance, one may use "phylla-soi" to express their surprise when a relative or a friend who never comes to visit, visits out of the blue.

The Khasi word "phylla" means something that is wonderful, strange, different or surprising. The Khasi word "soi" means something that lasts for a long time. So one may say that "phylla-soi" is wonder or surprise that is long-lasting.

Sngewtynnat bha kata ka ktien "phylla-soi" 😃😃
🟡 Source: Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopaedic Dictionary
🟡 English translation and collation by @speakyourroots

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