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U Jangew

"U Jangew" sent by @bada_boombam

She says: "U Jangew is a local wild herb that has been made famous by the mourning song of the mother of U Sier Lapalang (the folktale of the stag who is killed). It is slightly bitter but peppery in taste.

I am pretty sure it has a lot of health benefits, some that I know are detoxification and Blood pressure and Diabetes controller. Sadly, we mostly see it as 'ñiut' (weeds/ wild plants) forgetting that this unseeming plant can benefit us so much.

Ours just grows randomly in our yard and we pick them when we want to eat them. Both lockdowns have taught our family to treasure such plants as they become our only source of fresh herbs/ vegetables for our salad."

Thank you @bada_boombam for this entry! 🌱🌱

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