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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Mano ba bang sohngang? 😃😃 Phi kiba bang ban bam kthang te phi ïa bang ja bha da don une mo 😄 Phi ju shet kumno ïa u sohngang?

Sohngang Soh (Black Nightshade Berries)

Sohngang soh (Solanum nigrum Linn.), which is from Solanaceae family, are the small berries that grow on a tree about one meter tall. The color of the fruits is green with white spots when immature, and yellowish or reddish when ripe. The tree has small thorns all over its branches and has green, thorny, pointed leaves. One tree or bush can produce three to four kilograms of fruit per year. The taste of the fruit is quite bitter.

In Meghalaya, in northeastern India, the berries are casually grown and eaten, but are not cultivated for commercial use. In Meghalaya, sohngang soh is use to prepare soup or cooked together with bamboo shoots or rice. In southern parts of India, the berries along with the leaves are often eaten after being cooked with tamarind, onion and cumin. It is uncommon to find sohngang soh for sale commercially, and it is generally only cultivated on a small scale, for personal use. Because much of the fruits are harvested from the wild, improper harvesting and a lack of care for the wild plants mean that they are in decline in many areas.


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