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U Bnai Lber by Careen J. Langstieh

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

"U Bnai Lber'" (The month of March) by artist Careen Joplin Langstieh presents the visages of three Khasi women, who are at different points in their lives as daughters, wives and mothers. Poised above "mawbynna" as if forming a bedrock of support for them as bearers of precious heritage, their thoughts, emotions and experiences join and entwine as veins of smoke, leaves and blood which return back to "mawbynna and meiramew".
" 'U Bnai Lber' was executed in early March 2022 at Dimapur. Three women portraits in a dreamy state, reminiscing of home, huddled together, sharing one's own position and endless conversations about how life affects their work. Identity, responsibility and the resolve to establish their own mark no matter where life's journey takes them."
Khublei Shibun @careenjoplinlangstieh for generously allowing the page to post another one of your paintings! 🙏🙏😄😄

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