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Woodcut of Phe Phe Falls by Wanhi-i Challam

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2023 🌱🌲
Contribution by @wanhii.psd 😃
Title - "Untitled"
Medium - Woodcut
Editions - 5
Year - 2023
Size - 19'5'' x 24'
Artist - Wanhi-i Challam
He says: "This is a woodcut of a waterfall near by my home town - 'PHE PHE falls'. I chose to be very spontaneous with this one. Initially, it was intended to be just a simple, realistic landscape woodcut. However, as I worked on it, I chose to have some freedom in the techniques of cutting the wood and to allow the composition to evolve organically as I worked on it. I allowed the wood to guide me and fused the original form of the waterfall with my personal interpretation. I find it very meditative to work this way, not strictly following the realistic image of the waterfall, but instead capturing the emotions and feeling the rhythm of the waterfall with all its force, aggressiveness, daring, serenity, and stillness, while still conveying a sense of calmness and beauty."
Khublei Shibun @wanhii.psd ba phi la phah ïa kane ka jingshna oh dur kaba itynnat! 🏞️


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