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Tracing the course of Wah Umkhrah through Shillong city by Baston Singh Lyngdoh

This map showing the course of Wah Umkhrah has been drawn by Baston Singh Lyngdoh as part of the creative research for the production "Ngan Hiar Sha Wah" (I'm Going Down to the River) by Lapdiang Syiem and team under REFUNCTION 2020-2021 awarded by Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author. All material for this content has been researched by Baston Singh Lyngdoh.

The tributaries of Ka Wah Umkhrah as shown by Baston Singh Lyngdoh (from left in the map) in "Ngan Hiar Sha Wah" are as follows:

Wah Lapalang


S.E. Falls

Wah Demthring

Wah Pohktieh

Wah Thangsning

Wah Pomdngiem

Ward's Lake



Wah Golflink


Wah Mawpdang

Wah Kdait

Wah Langkyrding

Wah Phudmawri

Wah Roro

Ka Wah Umkhrah is mostly an eyesore to us but imagine what it could be like if it was pristine and clear, like in the days of our grandparents! 🌅🌅 Please zoom to take a clearer look at the tributaries of Ka Wah Umkhrah.
Khublei Shibun Baston S. Lyngdoh, @lapdiangsyiem and team for your tremendous work with highlighting the importance of Ka Wah Umkhrah! 🙏🙏
Umkhrah River is one of the major perennial rivers originating from the foothill of Shillong peak and flows across the Shillong city from Northeast to Northwest direction and passes through some heavily congested localities viz. Nongthymmai, Rynjah, Lapalang, Umpling, Umkaliar, Nongmynsong, Polo, Wahingdoh, Jaiaw, Mawlai and Mawpdang areas. On its way the river is joined by many streams/drains which pass through some localities viz Nongrah-Poktieh, part of Mawlynrei, Nongrim hills, Laitumkhrah, Lachumiere.The Umkhrah River joins with Umshyrpi River at the northwest direction of Shillong city to form the Wah Ro-Ro. The Wah Ro-Ro finally discharges itself into the Umiam River, which is the main source of water to Umiam reservoir. (From


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