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There are contesting stories as to the origin of this Khasi term, pronounced "Thi-yass”, beginning with a low "Thi" ending with a high "yass”. Taxi drivers swear it began with them. An expression of something good or perfect.

For instance, if someone asks them "How were your earnings for the day?" If they earned well they would say "Thias!" Another version is that it is a popular term to describe a drunken state, like "Nga lah thias leh!" (I am high) or “To ngin ia thias noh!" ( Come let's get high now). The expression has come a long way now and is used in common day parlance to describe everything good, be it food, earnings, the weather or somebody's look!

This entry is sent by Dr. Ellerine Diengdoh (Assistant Professor, English, St. Mary's College, Shillong). Thank you for sending this! 😂😂

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