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Leh Piat

The Khasi colloquialism/ phrase "leh piat" or sometimes "ba piat bha" is used to describe a person who may be seen as a jack of all trades. He or she seems to be seen everywhere, meeting and conversing with people. Thus, the phrase is a way of describing the popularity of a person.

An onion is one of the most important ingredients in Khasi recipes. Therefore the metaphor of an onion implies that a "piat" person is usually popular and is invited to (or attends) functions and events.

The persons who are described as being "piat" or "leh piat" may also be extroverts, they are talkative, outspoken or opinionated, having a large circle of acquaintances.

According to Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopaedic Dictionary the word "piat" can also be used as an adverb which means: Da kaba mut skhem ne ka jingkut jingmut shaphang kaei kaei, kum "nga shong piat ban pule, ban bam, ban trei bad kiwei-kiwei".

This means that the word "piat" can be used to descibe the firm determination (or decision) of a person to do anything.

The phrases "Leh Piat" or "Ba Piat Bha" are amusing, sarcastic and definitely interesting 😄😂 Whoever coined this phrase is a master of wit! 🌰🌰
Khublei Shibun @_.natalie_kharkongor._ ba phi phah ïa kane! 🙏🙏😀
🟡 Expanded by @speakyourroots

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