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The head of Nohkalikai Falls by Coops Kharlukhi

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2023 🌱🍃
Kane ka dei ka matti jingdro jong i Bah @coops_kharlukhi jong ka khlieh jong ka kshaid Nohkalikai. Khublei Shibun Bah ba phi la phah ïa kane ka dur kaba shoh jingmut shisha! 😄🙏
This painting is of the head of the Nohkalikai waterfall, named after Ka Likai who as is told in the folktale, jumped from the waterfall after tragedy struck her life.
He says: "Most people see the waterfall from the front. They see how beautiful it is. However when looking at the mouth of the waterfall, one does not see beauty but one feels fear. The stones and boulders on the sides too, are symbolic of the obstacles and tragedy which mark Likai's life. There is fear at the mouth of the waterfall but Likai overcame her fear and sorrow when she jumped."
What an interesting perspective Bah Coops!


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