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The different kinds of rivers in Khasi

"Wah" is the usual name for a river or a stream.

"Wahbah" is a large river.

"Wahkaba" is a roaring and raging river which flows rapidly during the summer in Sohra.

"Wahduid" is a streamlet or a rivulet.

"Wahrupa" is a river whose water shines and shimmers like silver in the sunlight.

In fact, a part of the Umngot river in Meghalaya is called "rupa tylli" as it is likened to a broad, flat silver necklace work by Khasi women.

Our rivers are so many, so beautiful and so precious. Yet in Shillong, the most well known "Ka Wah Umkhrah" is perhaps a dying river. We made a hue and cry about the trees being cut but what will we do about our rivers in and around Shillong city? 🏞️🏞️

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