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Sem Dieng da Treiborlang Lyngdoh Mawlong

Treibor says:

Ka jingshon jingmut ba nyngkong jong nga ban thohdur ïa katei haneng kadei ha ka por ba dang ïa shna ïa i "cjung khoh" (ha ka ktien Maram lane "i sem di" / "sem dieng" ha ka ktien Mairang Sohna) ha shnong ha Mawbri. Ha ka por shna ngi ïa don bynta lang baroh shi ïing.

Ine i ïing rit ba shna da ki siej, dieng tai bad ki lwar i don ha syndah ka ïing bah. Mynta ngi pyndonkam ïa kane haba buh diengïap, tiew um, bad mynta lei lah kumba lai taïew lah ïa shet ïa bam hangne khlem kynmaw shuh ïa ka kamrashet ja kaba ha ïingbah.

Kaba pynlong ïa nga ban kynmaw ban thohdur ïa ine i trep dei ka jingsyiaid bad ka jingjuh ba i ai ïa ngi. Lada wan phai naei naei, mar synpoi lada leit ha ine i ïing nga lap ba baroh ki don hangta ha i trep. Katno ka jingsngew juh jingsngewtynnad na kata ka ïaid kjat kaba thait bad ba jngai.

Kine ki long ki jingkynmaw kiba ktik ban pynlong ïa nga ban dro ïa ito ï ïing.

What pressed on my mind to draw the sketch was the time when we built the "cjung khoh" (Maram dialect) in Mawbri. (In Mairang Sohna they call it "i sem di" / "sem dieng"). When this was made all of us in the family were present.

This shed which has been made with bamboo, a kind of palm leaf and bamboo string is adjacent to the big house. Now we use it to keep wood, to heat water and now for about a week we have been cooking and eating in the shed, completely forgetting about the kitchen in the main house.

What made me draw this shed was the memory of the warmth and comfort that it gives us. When I return from anywhere, I find that everyone else is inside the shed. It is such a happy and restful feeling when returning from a tiring and long journey on foot. These are the memories that played in my mind which inspired me to draw the sketch.

The art of @treibor_mawlong is highly detailed and expressive depicting the folk life of Khasis. 🏞️🌾 On this World Folklore Day, let us take a closer look at the increasing repository of visual art that is growing among Khasi artists. Let us also be observant of how they portray Khasi custom, practices and beliefs. 🟡 Treiborlang Lyngdoh Mawlong is a visual artist with a Master's degree in Fine Arts, with Honours in Painting (2012) from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. Treiborlang is a recipient of a number of awards which include The Inlaks Fine Arts Award, Kala Sakshi Award in Painting, Talented Young Artist Award from NEZCC, Scholarship grant for the year 2012-2013 from Lalit Kala Akademi. Treiborlang has participated in exhibitions in India and abroad. He has also been published as a comic artist/ writer and illustrator for publications like Strapazin and National Book Trust. Currently Treiborlang is teaching Art Education at District Institute of Education and Training, Nongstoiñ. Khublei Shibun Bah @treibor_mawlong ba phi la shah ban pyni ïa ki jingdro dur jong phi ha ka page! 😄🙏

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