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New Khasi words

Lyntied - Kum haba shoh phria ne u slap praw/ the way in which hail or

a sudden shower falls.

Skor - Plung, man bha, san kloi/ fresh and youthful, thriving, growing fast.

Dusa - Khlem myntoi/ without benefit.

Ka Thynram - Ka dieng ba slor noh ki sla; ka dieng lyngkhot dieng ïap/ a tree with withered and fallen leaves; a piece of dry dead wood.

Ka Mangkarong - Ka jingpyni rong; kaba pynpaw rong ïa kano kano ka mar habar/ a display or a show.

Some new Khasi words for the coming year! 🗯️💭🗣️
Let's try something... please make sentences with these words in the comments section! 😀
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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