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Lineage by Bala Kharngapkynta

"Lineage" is an original art piece by Bala Kharngapkynta. This piece speaks of Khasi matriliny and how it affects her. She says:

My works explore the relationships in a matrilineal society. Coming from such a background and being the youngest daughter in the family plays an important role in my work. In our society the mother plays an important role in the family as the children inherit her surname and expand the clan but the head of the family is always the father.

It is the general notion that the youngest daughter, that is the khatduh has it easy because she stands to inherit the majority of the family assets but with this comes great responsibility. Being a khatduh is not an easy journey. In most cases we even lose the opportunity to explore and be independent because we carry the title of khatduh consciously or subconsciously. Shared responsibilities with all daughters is common but in most cases it is the khatduh alone who carries the main load. In this piece there are three women, they represent myself, my mother and my sister. My mother being the matriarch who leads us in the centre and imparting important tasks to the two of us.

Khublei Shibun @bala_kharngapkynta ba phi la ai lad ban sah dak ïa kane ka jingoh dur jong phi! ❤️😄🙏

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