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Kshaid, Ticha, Dare


Indigenous words for the English word "waterfall"

In Khasi a waterfall is called "Kshaid"

In Pnar a waterfall is called "Ticha"

In Garo a waterfall is called "Dare" (pronounced as "Daare")

The word that most of us will not have heard of is the Pnar word "Ticha" for waterfall 😄 Khublei Chiboon Anvil R. Laloo for telling us about this word! 😄🙏
Khublei Shibun @kari.on.travels for your pictures! 🙏🙏 Congratulations on your page!
1st picture: Prut falls is located in Laitlyndop, Sohra. This waterfall emerges from Urwan river formed by the inflowing stream from Khliehshnong Laitlyndop, Umkrem and Madan Umkrem. The Urwan river flows to Mawsiang and reaches upto Shyngoid under Sohra Syiemship. (Source:
2nd picture: Weinia Falls is one of the falls located on the Namlang River which, along with the Kynshi river encircles the Nongkhnum River Island - the second largest river island in Asia after the magnificent Majuli. The falls lies on the northern periphery of the river island, about 13km from Nongstoiñ town, the district headquarters of West Khasi Hills. (Source: by @kari.on.travels )

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