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Ki Rukom Peit or Different Kinds of Looks

"Peit kling kling klang klang" ka mut kaba peit shane shane shatai shatai/ to look around frantically.

"Peit kliaw" ka mut haba peit bad da husiar bha/ to look or watch carefully.

"Peit ngoid" ka mut kaba peit shisien bad jah noh/ to peep.

"Peit matdong" ka mut kaba peit sniew/ to look with bad intentions.

"Peit tliw" ka mut haba peit sah hajuh kumba pyrkhat ne dom/ looking or staring in the same place while deep in thought or in anger.

"Peit pyrman" ka mut ba peit bniah bad da bishar artat/ to look meticulously and observing


"Peit shongshan" ka mut haba peit shlip bad mut sniew/ to look suspiciously.

"Peit tynghong" ka mut haba peit bad ang lyngngoh kumba ym ju ïohi/ to look in surprise or bewilderment as if one has never seen something.

"Ki Rukom Peit" or Different Kinds of Looks 🧐😮😐😳 The expressions on people's faces tell us a lot about them or how they're feeling. Here are a few Khasi descriptions of facial expressions.
🟡 Source: Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopaedic Dictionary by Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor
🟡 Translated into English by @speakyourroots

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