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Ki Rukom Kren Ba Pher/ Different Ways of Speaking, Part 1

"Kren bhoh" ka dei kaba kren ha ka rukom kumba kren khroh ïano ïano bym kwah kren/ to speak so as to coax someone who does not want to talk.

"Kren jyrwit jyrwat" ka dei kaba kren kyllaiñ khlem pynshai/ to speak in circles or to beat around the bush without any effort at being clear.

"Kren lyngkut" ka dei ka jingkren ka bym bunktien hynrei kaba eh bad kaba ngam shaduh shyieng/ to speak using less words but they are harsh words whose effect sinks deep into the bones.

"Kren phrak" ka dei kaba kren khlem buhrieh ne tyngkai; kaba kren laitluid bad shai/ to speak without hiding anything or without reserve; to speak freely and clearly.

"Kren saidda" ka dei kaba kren ban ïada ïalade lane ïa kiwei pat/ to speak in order to protect oneself or to protect others.

The power of the spoken word 🗣️🗣️🗣️ There are an array of words to describe different ways of speaking in the Khasi language. Here are a few of them 😄
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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