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Ki Ktien Kynnoh

Ki Ktien Kynnoh are a pair of words which complement one another. The second word emphasises and enhances the meaning of the first word. Ki Ktien Kynnoh may be described as Akin words. There is a catchy rhythm to the pair too as they contain the same number of syllables, which makes saying them fun and more importantly gives depth and meaning to a sentence. The following ktien kynnoh are taken from The Khasi Encyclopedic Dictionary: Ka Dienshonhi by Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor. They have been translated by @speakyourroots.

Danda - Phulit

Danda: Ka mut ka jingkren ne jingïathuh ïa kiei kiei ki bym shisha da kaba pyndonkam ïa ki ktien ne ki khana nangno nangno bad sa pynkut ha kata ka rukom tang ban ïoh ban pynsngewbha ïa ki briew.

Phulit: Ka thew ïa ka rukom kren biria kai te hynrei don ki biria kiba ïa jinghikai bad jingmyntoi.

Danda is a conversation or the telling of a story that is not based on real fact, but is taken from many sources, with the purpose of making people laugh at the end.

Phulit is a particular way of talking humourously with a lesson at the end of the story.

Ngiah - Shoin

Ngiah: Ka dei ka ktien kyllum kaba mut ba la dap ne pura bha lane bym sngewtynnat shuh ïa kiei kiei.

Shoin: Ka kham thew ïa ka jingbam kaba la bam bad la dap pura haduh ryndang ne rmiang shyntur bym long shuh ban pynrung jingbam. Ïa ka jingbam haba dang ngiah dang long ban bam hynrei haba la dap shoin ym long shuh ban bam. Haba ngi ong pat 'ngiah shoin' ka mut kaba la palat ban ïa kaba ju long.

Ngiah is a feeling of fullness and satiation or having had enough of something, which might also cause unpleasantness.

Shoin is more of a reference to food that cannot be eaten anymore. In the case of 'ngiah' food can still be eaten but when we use the word 'shoin', it means there is no chance of being able to eat.

Maitang - Maitait

Maitang: Ka mut ba kyndiah ne ieh noh shisyndon khamtam ïa ka jingmlien kaba sniew.

Matait: Ka mut ka jingkular ne jingsmai ban iehnoh ne kyntait shi syndon ïa kaei kaei ka bym ïadei bad ka jingim longbriew manbriew.

Maitang is to abstain from or completely leave something, especially a bad habit.

Maitait is a promise or oath to avoid or reject that which hampers or damages the balance of our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

"Ki Ktien Kynnoh" lend so much quality and character to the Khasi language! They are really quite a unique feature of the language. 😃😃 We have tried to find the English word for them but it appears there is none. "Akin words" seems to describe them best.

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