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Ki Boit by Saweini Laloo

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Saweini says:

Boit is a mythical character in Khasi folklore. The boit is the equivalent of the English "dwarf" and is believed to have long hair, sharp eyes and ears and menacingly sharp claws. The most striking of its features, however, are its feet! They turn backwards instead of forward like the ordinary human.

Once, my father told me a story of a time from his childhood when most parts of Shillong were but a dense forest. He came home late one night and had to pass by an open field or "pynthor" lined with bamboos. It was eerily quiet that night and in Khasi belief, this is always an omen of the presence of some supernatural being. Sure enough, after reaching the middle of the field, he heard tiny voices singing. My father, being well acquainted with the different stories passed on by his parents and grandparents, knew exactly that he had to take cover and wait until the "boit" went their way. It was tragic to encounter them. My father hid behind some bushes and watched as one by one the boits walked their regular path, humming a strange tune. Bamboo clustered areas are believed to be the favourite haunts of such beings."

Ngi ju ïohsngew ki khana shaphang ki boit bad bunsien ngi shait sngew ngiew sngew tieng da lah ïa sngap ki khana 😅😱 Khublei Shibun @saweini_ ba phi la phah ïa kane ka jingdro bad ka jingthoh jong phi 😄🙏 The supernatural and horror in Khasi folklore is always engaging and also serves as great material for stories. 🟡 Art by @saweini_

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