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Khasi words that share the same spelling with English words but carry different meanings

King: A male ruler in some countries. In Khasi "king" means to stir something.

Sing: To make musical sounds with your voice. In Khasi "sing" means lion.

Song: Words that go with a short piece of music. In Khasi "song" means the action or the process of packing something.

Tong: A tool used for picking things up. In Khasi "tong" means carrying, ladling or lifting a bucket of water.

Stem: The long, thin part of a plant that the leaves and flowers grow on. In Khasi "stem" is the colour Yellow.

Tap: The part at the end of a pipe which controls the flow of water. In Khasi "tap" means to cover or to put something over something else.

Mop: A piece of equipment used for cleaning floors. In Khasi "mop" means a number or a group of friends

"Song", "King", "Tong" are some Khasi words who share the same spelling as English words but have completely different meanings! Thank you @beccaellie05 for this entry! 💙💙💙

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