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Ka Nongkhynraw

"Ka nongkhynraw" ka dei kaei kaei kaba la kamai katba ym pat shongkurim. Ki ju ong ruh ia ka nongkhynraw kum ka " ïutran"

"Ka nongkhynraw" or "ïutran" is what one earns while unmarried.

"Ka nongtymmen" ka dei ka nongkynti (ka hok la jong) ne ka jingdon jingem kaba hap ha ki nongïohpateng. Ki ju ong ruh ïa ka nongtymmen kum ka "nongmei nongpa".

"Ka nongtymmen" or "ka nongmei nongpa" is the inheritance (rights and claim) or heirloom that falls onto successors or descendants.

What is earned by an individual as theirs "nongkhynraw" and what is bestowed as inheritance "nongtymmen" are important markers of Khasi culture and society. 🧾💰

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