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Ka ktien kaba tam

"Ka ktien kaba tam" ka dei ka jingong kaba ngi ju ïohsngew na ka por sha ka por. Ngi lah ban batai ba kane ka thew ïa ka jingshai, ka jingkordor, ka jingbha, ka jingdonburom bad ka jingshongkhia jong ka rukom kren jong no jong no. Kine ki kyntien namar ki long kiba la mih na ka jingbha ki kham kordor ban ïa kano kano ka jingai ne ka kam.

Namar ba ki Khasi ki kheiñ kynsai ïa ka ktien, ka ktien kaba kren ka long kaba donkam bha. Ym lah ban don ka jjngbymsuidñiew ne jingkhlemakor haba kren ïa kaei kaei. Kawei pa kawei ka kyntien ka dei ban long kaba shongsbai bad shongnia da ka jingmut bad ka jingshisha.

Ha kawei pat ka liang, ka ktien ruh ka donkam ïa ka jingsngewthuh. Lada u nongsngap um sngewthuh ïa u nongkren kata ka long ka jinglehnohei. Ka bor jong ka ktien kan neh tang lada u nongsngap u pyrkhat bad sngewthuh ïa ka. Ha kane ka rukom u nongsngap u ban sa long u nongkren ïa ki pateng ki ban nang wan, u bat ïa ka bynta kaba kyrpang.

"Ka ktien kaba tam" is a phrase that refers to the clarity, value, goodness, honour and dignity in the way a person speaks. Because of the quality of these words they are held to be more valuable than any gift or deed.

As Khasis hold the spoken word in high esteem, anything that is spoken is deemed as important. There should be no carelessness or indifference when speaking to others. Each word is worth its weight in gold, possessing a depth of meaning and truth.

On the other hand, the spoken word requires understanding. If the listener does not understand the speaker then it is useless. The power of the spoken word will endure if the listener thinks about and understands what is being said. In this way, the listener who will be a speaker to future generations, also plays an important role.

Here is an attempt to explain the Khasi phrase "Ka ktien kaba tam" 🗣️🗣️Sometimes words are stronger than any action or gesture and this is why Khasis emphasise on the intrinsic value of the spoken word. 🌈💫
Please feel free to add more in the comments!
🟡 Khasi and English explication by @speakyourroots

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