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Janai: Babeit ne babit bha, ka thew ïa ka jinglong kaba thikna bad kaba paka bha.

Jaton: Ïa ka ktien jaton la pyndonkam lang bad ka ktien janai. Haba ong Janai-Jaton, ka mut khnang khnang lane wat pep, kum haba ong "sngewbha wan janai-jaton".

Janai: What is wholesome, bearing clarity and goodness. Consequently this refers to the quality of being certain, satisfactory and the best.

Jaton: The word "jaton" is used with the word "janai". When we say "Janai-Jaton" it means without fail, implying the certainty with which something needs to happen or to be done. For example, when it is said "Please come janai-jaton", it means that the person has to come, with no excuses for not showing up.

"Janai-jaton" is a Khasi "ktien kynnoh", two similar meaning words that form a phrase, containing a two-fold significance. 🔡💭 🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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