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How do we translate the word "ethical" into Khasi?

The word "ethics" (noun) deals with what is good or bad; a set of moral principles or a system of moral values. So "ethical" (adjective) would mean something that is based on a knowledge and understanding of moral values and principles.

Thus, translated into Khasi the word "ethical" would perhaps be "Kaei kaei kaba ïeng ha ka nongrim jong ka jingtip bad jingshemphang jong ka akor longbriew manbriew bad ka hok ka sot."

Here is an attempt to translate the word "ethical" into Khasi. This may be superficial so we welcome others to contribute your thoughts on this. 😊😊 Khublei Shibun @sohphohkhasi for asking the question and Khublei Shibun @meiithei @bawanshwa_syiemlieh @wallam__ @carey_lynz @a_pocketful_of_plums @occyliana_ for your responses! 🙏🙏

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