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Different cuts of Pork in Khasi

Doh Tdong - Ham/ Leg

Doh Krung - Ribs

Doh Ryndang - Pork Butt and Pork Shoulder

Doh Kjat - Trotters

Doh Khlieh - Head

Jabieng - Brain

Thied jabieng - Spinal Cord

Doh Jem - Liver, intestines and doh saw dkhot

Doh sawdkhot - Liver, kidney, spleen, heart

'Nierbah - Stomach or Large intestine?

'Nier Dong - Small intestine?

'Nier Pyllon - Small intestine?

Doh Snam - Blood sausage

Don't we love our dohsniang? Pork constitutes a significant part of the Khasi diet from the head to the trotters 😅😂🐷🐷
Dohjem and dohsnam are mouth-watering delicacies that are well-known!
Please let us know about the large and small intestines. We've kept question marks against them. 😄

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