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Different Cuts of Beef in Khasi

Khmat Lbong - Thigh

Tdong rben - Rump

Tdong stang - Sirloin/ T-bone

Syntai - Hump

Lamjew - Chuck

Shyieng sohkhia- Brisket

Bung - Leg/ Calf

Tdong kaweh - Oxtail

Shyieng krung - Ribs

Pyllon - Round

Thylliej masi - Tongue

Khlieh masi - Head

Dohnud - Liver

Doh klong - Heart

Khyllai - Kidney

Dohlab - Spleen

Doh tawel /doh khu - Tripe

Nier khyndai syrtap - Part of the intestine with nine layers

Beef or "Doh masi" constitutes an important part of the Khasi diet 🥩🥩 There are stews, soups and curries which are oh so yum! Here are the different cuts of beef in Khasi 😃😃
Ban kham tip, kham suk ka leit ïew da lah lait lashai 😁😁

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