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Different colours in Khasi, Part I

Orange - rong sohñiamtra/ rong khleh saw khleh stem

Red - rong saw

Scarlet - rong saw kyrang/ rong saw haiñ haiñ

Maroon/ Plum - rong saw bthuh

Crimson - rong saw syngiang

Indigo - rong lir

Blue/ Azure - rong suiñ bneng

Navy blue - rong jngum synñia

Dark blue - rong thwei

Pink/ Magenta - rong saw jngum

Purple/ violet - rong sohbaingon/ rong saw jngum

Grey - rong bthuh/ rong dpei

Green - rong jyrngam/ rong tympew

Yellow - rong stem/ rong khangai pylleng

Peach - rong sohphareng

Brown - rong ktieh/ rong dumasla

Silver - rong rupa

Gold - rong ksiar

Black - rong iong/ rong iong synñia

White - rong lieh

Coral - rong paila

Beige/ Khaki - rong skei

Bronze/ Copper - rong tama

There are so many colours we can name in English, so here they are in Khasi. 🌈☔🌄🌧️
Please feel free to mention more colours in Khasi if you know them! 😀

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