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Dapkynthei and Dapshynrang

Ki kyntien "Dapkynthei" bad "Dapshynrang" ki mut haba biang bad pura ka jinglong kynthei ne shynrang.

Ngi lah ban bynrap shuh shuh da kaba ong ba ki kyntien "Dapkynthei" bad "Dapshynrang" ki thew ïa ka jinglong bad ka maiñ kynthei ne shynrang kaba dappura ha ka jingkoit jingkhiah, ka jingitynnad, ka jingshongkun bad met bad mynsiem.

Ka dei ka jinglong jingman kynthei ne shynrang kaba pynpaw shynna ïa ka hok, ka bor bad ka jingstad jong ka kynthei ne u shynrang.

The words "Dapkynthei" and "Dapshynrang" mean the full and ideal essence of being a woman or a man respectively.

It may be added that the words "Dapkynthei" and "Dapshynrang" refer to an entirety of charismatic presence in health, in beauty and in the dignity of heart and mind. It is a state of embodying the essence of woman or man, in integrity, strength and wisdom.

The Khasi words "Dapkynthei" and "Dapshynrang" build an image of a woman and a man both in physical, as well as emotional and mental terms. They imply the roles of woman and man in a distinct way, pointing to their well-being in Khasi society. ♀️♂️ 🟡 Khasi and English explication by @speakyourroots

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