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Bam Hynroh u Bnai

Mano ba ju kynmaw ïa ka bam hynroh u bnai? Phi ju tied pliang ne kumno? Por hyndai hynthai, ki bun na ki khasi ki ju tied pliang ban beh noh ïa kaba sniew.

Ka por ba kah dum ia ka jingshai u bnai, ka pynlong ia U Khasi ban ong, "bam hynroh u bnai" kaba pyni ïa ka nemsniew. Kat kum ka jingbatai ki nongtymmen, ka lah ban ïasnoh ruh bad ki puriskam Khasi hyndai.

Ka hynroh ka dei ka kynja jakoid. Ka long thoh rew bad soh-khruh. Ha ka jingbatai ki nongtymmen, ka long kaba sniew dur bha. Kumta sa ïoh kynnoh "bam hynroh" lada ïa ka Sngi ne u Bnai.

Who recalls Ka Bam Hynroh u Bnai or the Lunar Eclipse? Have you ever participated in the frenzy beating of plates? In the olden days, many of the Khasis would beat their enamel or steel plates to ward off anything that is bad or evil.

At the time of the lunar eclipse, the Khasis used the term, "bam hynroh u bnai" which literally means the frog/toad has consumed the moon. It also seems to be linked with the belief that an ill omen or some plague will occur. According to forefathers, it is also linked to an old story that has been narrated for ages!

Ka hynroh is a kind of frog or toad with a distinctive feature. It has warty skin. According to the description given by forefathers, it is a very ugly frog or toad. Therefore, they connected the frog/toad to the term "bam hynroh" or "eaten by the frog/toad." It has become an expression that describes a lunar or solar eclipse.

"Ka Bam Hynroh U Bnai" or a lunar eclipse contains cultural significance that many of us may have forgotten. Khublei Shibun @carey_lynz for sending this! 😀🙏
"Ka Hynroh" has a gland near it's eyes which is poisonous. It has short legs, no teeth and its body is covered by ugly bumps. It is about 20 cms in length.


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