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Wei La Saw Bha Ka Bneng...

"Wei la saw bha ka bneng sepngi jan miet phin sa ioh jingrang lashai."

(La shim na "The Khasis" by P. R. T. Gurdon, 1907)

Ha ka jingpeit bniah bad jingkhmih jong ka, nga shem ba katei ka jingong ka jia long shisha. Ka jingshem ka jong nga ka long ba ha ka janmiet jong ka 12 tarik U Kyllalyngkot 2022, nga ïoh peit bniah bha ïa ka bneng kaba paw rong saw kumba 5 minute eiei bad ha ka sngi kaba bud, kata ha ka 13 tarik nga shem ba ka sngi ka rang bad shai kdar bha bad kumjuh ruh ka don ïa ka sngi tlang kaba jem bha.

"A red sky in the west in the evening is the sign of fine weather tomorrow."

(Taken from "The Khasis" by P. R. T. Gurdon, 1907)

In my brief observation, I observed that the Khasi saying found in Gurdon's The Khasis is certifiable. It is quite rare to hear these sayings nowadays but when I revisited Gurdon's book on the Khasis I decided to note this saying down and conduct a brief observation. On the evening of 12th January 2022, I observed that the evening sky at sunset was red in shade for approximately 5 minutes or less and then on the following day, 13th January 2022, I found that we were blessed with a dazzling and bright day. Moreover it had that soft winter sun and an amalgamation of both warm and chilly breeze.

"Wei la saw bha ka bneng sepngi janmiet phin sa ïoh jingrang lashai" 🌄☀️🌲 Khublei Shibun @_.adegram._ for sending this observation! 🙏😄 🟡 English translation by @_.adegram._

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