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Thoh shun ki blei

"Thoh shun ki blei" ka dei ka shun ba la thoh da ki blei. Kane ka jingong kaba sngewtynnad ka thew ïa kito ki briew kiba don ïa ka bok ka nusib ban long 'riewkhraw, 'riewspah ne riewpawnam.

Ïa ka jingthoh shun ngi lah ban shim kum ka jingpruid lynti lypa ïa ka jingim jong u ne ka briew bad ka jingshem bha shem miat jong ki kaba la mang da ki blei.

The phrase "Thoh shun ki blei" literally means lime paste that has been marked or traced by the gods. This phrase symbolically refers to an individual who possesses the good fortune, of becoming great, wealthy, famous or well-known.

The marked lime paste is a metaphor for being marked for good fortune in life, which can be interpreted as a predestination of the gods.

In Khasi culture, lime paste figures prominently as an aid for protection from forces of evil.

"Thoh shun ki blei" is to be blessed with that extra something that no man can take away!

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