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The Maram Dialect

The Maram Dialect

U dak thoh "C" u dei u wei na ki dak ba kongsan bha uba ki briew kiba kren ïa ka shnat-ktien Maram ki pyndonkam bha. Une u dak thoh pat um ju lah ban ïeng marwei ha katei ka shnat-ktien. La ju pyndonkam ïa u ha ryngkat u dak thoh "H" (u "c" ha khmat bad u "h" hadien - "ch") kum ha ki kyntien chuki (shuki), chet (shet), bichar (bishar) bad kumta ter ter.

The letter "C" is an important letter for those who speak the Maram dialect, which they use from time to time. However, "C" cannot be used by itself in this dialect. It is usually placed together with "H" ("c" in front and "h" following - "ch") in words like "chuki" (shuki/ chair), "chet" (shet/ cook), "bichar" (bishar/ judge) and so on and so forth. ✍️🆎

The compound letter "ch" is a significant letter in the Pnar and Bhoi dialects too. Khublei Shibun @the_maram_dialect for sending this informative contribution! 😄🙏 All photos are from @the_maram_dialect
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