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"The Abode of Clouds" by Yohanna Mawrie

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

I come from the land of

The Living Bridges

Ancient as the days of old,

Lush forests blanket the land

Myriad of flowers adding colour,

The Orchid sits on her throne.

Cascading waterfalls as you've never seen

Enchanting stories of their birth,

Water fairies beguiling men,

Home of the Tawny Breasted Wren,

Secrets of Sacred Groves lay hidden

You will find God's Own Garden.

Like a little kingdom in the sky

The Abode of Clouds.

-Yohanna Mawrie

"The Abode of Clouds" is an original English poem by Yohanna Mawrie @wordyramblings 🌤️🌦️ Khublei Shibun for sending your poem! It feels like the beginning of a beautiful folktale 😄
Mynta ka taïew ngi kynmaw ïa ka lyngkhuh sngi ïap jong u myllung ba radbah ka ri Khasi u Soso Tham, ha ka 18 tarik u Nohprah 1940, da kaba ngin post ïa ki poitri ba lah noh synñiang da ki paralok followers jong ngi. 📃✒️✏️
Ai ba ka jingshem mynsiem, ka jingshemphang bad ka jingieit ri jong u myllung Soso Tham, kan long ruh ka jingïohkynti jong ngi ka ban pynkhlaiñ ïa ngi kum ka jaitbynriew. 🙏🌄☀️
This week we commemorate the death anniversary of Khasi Poet Laureate U Soso Tham, on the 18th of December 1940, by posting poetry that has been generously contributed by our dearest followers. 📃✒️✏️
May the inspiration, conviction, wisdom and love for the Khasi land and people of the poet U Soso Tham be our inheritance that strengthens us as a community. 🙏☀️🌄


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