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Syiem Latympang–The Queen of Hima Manar by Daohi Manar

From the base of 'U loom kyndong',

I applaud her bravery - the queen of Manar Kingdom;

Though "suri kup snieh langbrot" tends to trap,

Queen with extraordinary powers,

Her real name was Latympang Shadap.

Dei tang u khnam bad ka ryntieh ba lam lynti,

Na ka jingdum, sha jingshai ka sngi.

'Loom-ti-niang', Pûnthor Latuba", Loom Mu-pdang', 'Loom Letno'

told this story of grit,

Of how she fought like a man every bit.

Neibhah yong pha, Miat rynsut na hali da jngai:

A! Maya wa sakhiat, da pûnsakhi wa kylla moo ki masi blai.

A woman fearless and defiant was she,

Defined by no man, you are your own story;

Amid of happiness, 'Ko Syiem phi jngai na ngi!'

The queen of 'u khnam ka ryntieh',

Immortal your name shall ever be.

"Syiem Latympang–The Queen of Hima Manar" sent by @xdtnoahjupejackllthmanar 😃😃😃 Thank you for being a regular contributor to the page!
This poem is about Ka Syiem Latympang, her courage and fearlessness. English, Khasi and Pnar have been used to write the poem and this is an innovative idea because others who do not understand Khasi or Pnar will be able to know about this wonderful Queen.
Daohi says: "Interestingly, apart from stories of the Jaiñtia male legends or kings, the Jaiñtias also have a beautiful story about a Queen with extraordinary powers whose name is 'Latympang Shadap' of Ka Hima Manar (adjacent to Shangpung Village). From beneath the darkened valley she wears her "Muka" and "Loket" on her land. Like a rising sun she seems to be shining above us, she was the great lady! "I am Syiem Latympang Shadap and I will bow to no man" For us, Latympang was not just a queen ,but she was a daughter, a sister and a Mother.❣️She used her bow and arrows as her own unique weapon set."
👉"suri kup snieh langbrot"—A wolf in sheep's clothing.
👉"u khnam ka ryntieh" — An arrow and a bow.


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