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"Sait" - Khasi Thesaurus

Ki Bun Jait Ki Sait

Sait - Wash, mostly in terms of clothes

Khlieng - Wash, mostly in terms of utensils

Phler - Soap rinse

Sawar - Plain water rinse

Synreit - Sprinkle

Sa shisien na ka Khasi Thesaurus ngin peit sa ïa ka ktien "sait" bad kiwei kiwei ki kyntien kiba ïahap jingmut bad kane ka ktien.
Phi shait ïohsngew ïa ka kyntien "kabar" kaba syriem jingmut bad ka "sawar"? Ka dei ka ktien na ki thaiñ Smit bad Nongkrem.
"Sait" or wash is another Khasi word which has synonyms which echo the use of water but in different ways.
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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