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Ring 'sai phla

Ka jingong "Ring 'sai phla" ka thew ïa ka jingïakylli markhmat haduh ban da shem ïa ka jingshisha. Kaba "ring 'sai phla" ka dei kaba pynskhem ïa ka jingïathuh da kaba pyni ïa u sakhi u ban long kum u ksiang.

The Khasi phrase "Ring 'sai phla" means to meticulously ask a thread of questions in order to arrive at the truth. The phrase implies a direct confrontation and interrogation with the aim of extracting the truth. Furthermore, the answers to the questions are corroborated by witnesses who represent the roles of a judge or a mediator.

When truth is the most valued of possessions 💡🔦🖊️📃🔍
"Ring 'sai phla" is a Khasi phrase describing a detailed process of questioning to know the truth.

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