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Review of "Shadows of light" by Laïamon N. Nengnong

"Shadows of Light" directed and written by Damenshan Hynniewta is deftly and most intelligently created. The script, acting, music and arrangement of light and sound is unmatched. An interweaving of folklore into themes which emanate social and psychological realism, with every character standing out.

Each theme is portrayed in nuanced and complex ways, staying true to the human condition that each legend and folktale is a mirror reflection of. The themes of love, motherhood, necromancy, in the stories of Ka Sohlyngngem, Ka Sngi bad U Bnai, U Sier Lapalang and others, showcase ingenuity of plot molding, so that the meaning is not one, but many.

The theme of love is brought forth in the idea of forbidden love, the tenacity for beating all odds in spite of what is forbidden-the odds of family, rules of exogamous marriage in the Khasi society, and even to challenge death itself.

Through the theme of parental love, the writer makes one re-examine the well accepted idea of unconditional love associated with it. At the same time, Hynniewta drives home the theme of purpose and fulfilment, the gendered biases and prejudice that society has on a "loose woman" from that of a man "who sows his seed everywhere" and is never made accountable for his misdeeds.

All in all, "Shadows of Light" is a journey; one which makes the spectator reflect, contemplate, question, and even transform. It is the kind of musical that can capture the audience's attention and senses, in their entirety and I am excited for more works by Damenshan Hynniewta.

Ka Peit Bniah ne ka Review jong ka sawangka "Shadows of Light" kaba la long ha ki tarik 13, 15 bad 17 u Kyllalyngkot 2022, ha ka Shillong International Centre for Performing Arts and Culture, SICPAC, Mawdiangdiang.
Khublei Shibun @laia.naomi ba phi la phah ïa kane ka Peit Bniah kaba la pyrkhat sani bha! 😃🙏


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