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Red tea, rice and ktung thang

Lehse, kham niar napdeng jong ngi,

Ban iohmad ia i jakhluid, sha saw,

soh mynken khnai war bad 'tung thang

dang step phyrngap ha

skum trep ha nongkyndong kynjai.

Khublei Kha.

Khublei paralok.

Khublei Mei Ramew.

-Paia B. Dohling

The taste and flavour of red tea with rice and ktung thang (roasted dry fish) 😀😀 ❤️🤎🌱🌱 The typical Khasi breakfast mostly comprises of tea with plain rice 🌾🌾
Khublei Shibun @paia_b_dohling for tagging us in this picture! Love the wooden floor holding the breakfast we all know!


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