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Phriang jarut ka miaw

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Ka jingong "Phriang jarut ka miaw" ka thew ïa ka rukom shong jong ki lyoh ha ka suiñbneng kaba ong ha ka ktien English kum ki altocumulus clouds. Ka "jarut" ka dei ka ja kaba la pyndonkam ban ïa khleh lang bad u thiat ban shet kiad. Ka dur jong kine ki lyoh ka long thik kum ka jarut kaba la pynphriang da ka miaw.

Ki lyoh altocumulus ki dei ki lyoh kiba rit kiba shong syrtap ha pdeng jong ka suiñbneng, ha ka dur jong ki pyllon ria ria. Ki don bunjait ki lyoh altocumulusbad ki la ban wan ha bun ki dur. Kine ki lyoh ki dei kiba khleh lang u thah bad ka um.

The Khasi phrase "Phriang jarut ka miaw" is made to refer to a particular cloud formation called altocumulus clouds. "Phriang" means to scatter or spread, "jarut" is boiled rice that is mixed with yeast to make alcohol and "miaw" means cat. The appearance of Altocumulus clouds is perhaps similar to tufts of rice scattered by a cat's paws. It is definitely a creative way of describing a natural phenomenon!

Moreover, altocumulus clouds are small mid-level layers or patches of clouds, called cloudlets, which commonly exist in the shape of rounded clumps. There are many varieties of altocumulus, however, meaning they can appear in a range of shapes. Altocumulus are made up of a mix of ice and water, giving them a slightly more ethereal appearance than the big and fluffy lower level cumulus.

"Phriang Jarut ka Miaw" sent by @a_pocketful_of_plums Thank you for this beautiful cloudful entry! ⛅☁️🌥️
This is a Khasi phrase which refers to the formation of Altocumulus clouds. 😃😃 These clouds appear as a collection of cloudlets spread across the sky. Don't they look as if a cat has scratched and scattered them? So beautiful! 🤩🤩
Picture credit: @a_pocketful_of_plums
Khasi and English explication by @speakyourroots

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