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“Panur” (War) and “Diñ Kum” (Pnar)

"Panur" (War) and "Diñ Kum" (Pnar) are traditional sky lanterns made by the War and Pnar communities. These particular sky lanterns are however different in appearance from the usual sky lanterns.

"Panur" and "Din Kum" are long and cylindrical in shape and are made of many rectangular pieces of kite paper joined together. The main lantern is called "Ka Kmie" (mother) and there are smaller lanterns called "Ki Khun" (children) as shown in the picture. "Panur" and "Diñ Kum" are made when there are festivals or any festive occasion. Alighting and flying them is done with great fervour and excitement.

"Panur" (War) and Diñ Kum (Pnar) are traditional sky lanterns that are painstakingly made by the members of the community. They look beautiful when they are lighted up and create a feeling of oneness and belonging, accompanied with chants and "phawar".🎈🎈🎈
Picture credit: @speakyourroots. Location: Nongjri, East Khasi Hills District.

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