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"Nga dei ka Nam..."

"Nga dei ka Nam; ka briew kaba la shah tim naduh ba nga dang don ha kpoh jong i mei. Ka briew ka bym don kur, bym don kha, bym don man. Nga la im marwei bad marwei ngan ïeng!"

-Ka Nam ha U 'Lur Mangkara na Ka Nam, ka drama ba la thoh da ka Esther Syiem (2006)

"I am Nam; a woman who was cursed from her mother's womb. A woman with no relatives, no clan. I live and exist alone and alone I will stand."

-Nam to 'Lur Mangkara from Ka Nam, a play written by Esther Syiem (2006)

The story of "Ka Nam" is a story we have listened to since we were children. Have you told this story to the present generation? "Nam" denoting the perpetual strength of dignity, integrity and a good name. The adaptation of the folktale by Dr. Esther Syiem in the Khasi langauge is interesting and thought-provoking, weaving a feminist approach, together with themes of freedom, abandonment and the self. 🗣️📜 Dr. Esther Syiem is a Professor in the Department of English, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. 🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots


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