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Laitlyngkot dialect

Some words in the Laitlyngkot dialect contributed by @mebatei I khongsti given in the order of Lailyngkot - Standard Khasi - English.

Ma ï - Mangi - Us

Bileh - Balei - Why

Ynñioh - Ynnai - No need

Jyrwoi/Khynning - Kynjing - Disgusting

Mieh - Wad - Search

Lyntun - Tyllun - Roll

Diei - Dei - Correct/ Right

Bliei - Blei - God

Kynthiei - Kynthei - Girl/ Woman

Syir - Syiar - Hen

Sning - Sniang - Pig

Pding - Pdiang - Accept

Sohlah - Phan - Potato

Bitlun/ Pitlun - Patlun - Pants

Bam jia - Bamja - To eat rice

Dih shia - Dih sha - To drink tea

Here are some words according to the Laitlyngkot dialect contributed by @mebatei_l_khongsti Khublei Shibun! 😀🙏

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